Color By Number – Pixel Art

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Color By Number – Pixel Art Unity Source code

Unity Version : Unity 5.5

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Ready for publish on Android and iOS

Join the color by number app business and get millions of users who want to color simply images by number! Create an Android and iOS color by number app with all the important features users want quickly and easily.

Supports an unlimited number of images. Uses the latest Android and iOS features and was built entirely using Unity 3D with no other third party frameworks necessary so you just compile with Unity 3D without any problems!

Tutorial How to add new image in the gallery.
Tutorial How to prepare the image.
Support In-App purchases.
Admob banner and interstitial support.
Support Unity 3D ads.
Support Chartboost Ads.
Color by tapping with your finger.
Zoom and Pan the image.
Export finished work as image to photo library, instagram, facebook or others.
Video tutorials.
User interface completely done with code.
Easy to reskin.
Easy to add new image.
Vibration on error and coloring.
Save your started works.
Great support.
Support In-App purchases.

Please review the unity version before you purchase,Some codes may work with newer versions of unity just fine, others may require modifying.

Color By Number – Pixel Art
Color By Number – Pixel Art

1 Credit

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