Furious Road : Asphalt Surfers

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Furious Road : Asphalt Surfers Unity Source code

Unity Version : 5.5.1f1

Regular Price : 199$

Product Link : https://www.gamegorillaz.com/furious-road-asphalt-surfers-complete-game-3d-racing-game-support-unity-5-5

In Furious Road, our main character is Max, 20 years old boy, he love cars and speed. But unfortunately, he live in a poor land which is all of sand and fuel is even expensive than gold.
Even though, he still haven’t gave up on his passion. At his home town there are some racing tours, racer run a very long road, collect fuel as much as possible to win the game. The fuel they collect can trade for money.
With his nature skill, he win the race. After few tours he can now upgrade his car and reach out side of his hometown. He want to meet his idol, Rominic Soretto.
And then the story begin…

** How to play Furious Road **
– Tilt the device to steering
– Touch the screen to speedup
– Try to avoid other cars
– Collect fuel as much as possible

– Many lands to explode
– Extremely sound effect which made you feel you are in Furious Road
– Insane game play
– Well design low poly graphic

Please review the unity version before you purchase,Some codes may work with newer versions of unity just fine, others may require modifying.

Furious Road : Asphalt Surfers
Furious Road : Asphalt Surfers

1 Credit

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