Hand Doctor Hospital Games

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Hand Doctor Hospital Games Unity Source code

Unity Version : 2018.3.3f28

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Hello future surgeons, today you’re doctors on a special mission to cure all hand injuries of your clumsy patients! **Hand Surgery Doctor – Hospital Care Game** offers all an incredible virtual surgery experience that’ll make them feel like real doctors working in a crazy hospital! Download the best “doctor games with real surgery“ and enjoy doing virtual hand surgery on many different patients!

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Our doctor simulator games have amazing game features:

– Perform emergency surgery on injured patients! Use real doctor tools to treat your patients!

– 6 different patients to choose from!

– Numerous hand injuries to treat:

* Fix broken bones – use the X-ray machine to locate fractures and heal broken bones!

* Put ice on swollen fingers to bring down the swelling!

* Apply an ointment on painful burns and then put a bandage on – many colorful bandages to choose from!

* Extract the pus from calluses using a needle!

* Remove bits of shattered glass from the patient’s hand using tweezers!

* Do a laser treatment to remove dark patches of skin!

* Spray bites and bandage the hand like a real doctor!

* Treat open wounds – play stitching games, powder the wound and watch it disappear!

* Finally, perform a manicure – using a magnifying glass, look at each nail closely, remove dirt, clip and buff the nails, get rid of cuticles and make the nails shine!

Please review the unity version before you purchase,Some codes may work with newer versions of unity just fine, others may require modifying.

Hand Doctor Hospital Games
Hand Doctor Hospital Games

2 Credits

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