King of the Hill 

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King of the Hill  Unity Source code

Unity Version : 5.5.1f1

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King of the Hill is 2D arcade action castle defense game. In game goal is to protect castle from waves of enemies, there are upgrades and hero variety in game that make game interesting and involve user to play more.

Game is made in Unity so export for Android and IOS devices is ready to go!

Unlock 6 brave heroes

Choose your combat boosts to defeat evil

Buy diamonds to power up faster

Fast pace addicting game
Adrenaline (fast reflexes required)
Our own soundtracks
Easy integration and reskining
UnityIAP, UnityADS integrated (In app purchases & rewarded video)
Export to store ready
– Game is made in Unity so reskinning is easy, comes with all files and assets. (Game object presets, sprites, codes, graphics, sound effects..) Full codes, all animations and textures, Android/Iphone/Pc export, all running fast and smooth.

There are +500 Assets – Including source codes, graphics, music, settings, assets and many more.

Game is easily reskined and is immediately export and publish ready. Only thing you need to do is change settings of game(code is all fully integrated) so adjust settings to your likings and replace graphics with your own.

Admob ads and banner are integrated already, just change to your ID number and start making money right away! Menu all done with code, gui and animations all customizable, programmed in C# and all code is accessible to modify even more!

HD graphics

Please review the unity version before you purchase,Some codes may work with newer versions of unity just fine, others may require modifying.

King of the Hill 
King of the Hill 

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Giga Assets: Unity Source Codes
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