Rabbit Skater

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Rabbit Skater Unity Source code

Unity Version : 2017.1.0f3

Regular Price : 99$

Product Link : https://www.sellmyapp.com/downloads/rabbit-skater/

version 1.1 : Fix UI bugs

Try this exciting fun take on the regular running games – skating game where you can enjoy the running game challenges with a better take. For the love of skating, here is an exciting skating game challenge – The Rabbit Skater. It brings together the fun of real-time skating onto your fingertips through your smartphone. It is an amazingly easy to play 2D skating game with really smooth controls where you can skate through challenging obstacles. The character of the game – The Rabbit can perform a lot of tricks on skateboard to score points. While skating, you can collect carrots and trophies to build you collection.
Apk demo file:


– Huge shop with characters and boost items

– 5 cute rabbit characters

– 4 boost items

– 3 stages and 30 good designed levels

– Run smoothly on mobile device

– Reskin easily with 2d graphic

– Admob interstitial

– Support for Android and IOS

Please review the unity version before you purchase,Some codes may work with newer versions of unity just fine, others may require modifying.

Rabbit Skater
Rabbit Skater

1 Credit

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