Supermarket Mania – Shopping Games

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Supermarket Mania – Shopping Games Unity Source code

Unity Version : 2018.3.3f50

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Ever wondered how supermarkets work? Don’t hesitate anymore! **Supermarket Mania – Shopping Games** is a fun supermarket shopping girl game that gives you an idea of how supermarkets and shopping malls work and offers you an unforgettable virtual grocery shopping experience! From food shopping games and clothes shopping, to cleaning games, recycling and slicing food games, there’s just so many fun and creative activities in our “supermarket games with many levels”!
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Made With Unity
Vivid HD graphics, pleasant background music and adorable characters make this shopping game even more irresistible
Six minigames to choose from – supermarket related activities such as shopping, making food, recycling trash and cleaning the store! There’s also a funny food slicing game, the ultimate time killer for all that are interested in playing this game
Interesting interface and intuitive gameplay will bring supermarket shopping fun to a whole new level!

Please review the unity version before you purchase,Some codes may work with newer versions of unity just fine, others may require modifying.

Supermarket Mania – Shopping Games
Supermarket Mania – Shopping Games

2 Credits

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