Wild Hunter Sniper Buck Unity 3D

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Wild Hunter Sniper Buck Unity 3D Unity Source code

Unity Version : 5.6

Regular Price : 149$

Product Link : https://www.sellmyapp.com/downloads/wild-hunter-sniper-buck-unity-3d/

Sink your teeth into the best hunting and survival mobile game.

An exotic hunting simulation; this game takes you to the dark jungles and safaris where you can hunt Lions, Panthers, Elephants, Buffalos and larger array of predators. Use modern weapons like the Beretta, UMP, and the AK-47 rifle.

* FPS (First Person shooter) Scenario
* Easy GUI Controls
* An ultimate hunting action.
* Efficient gun control.
* True to life hunting experience.
* High fidelity cool graphics.
* Twelve different levels and different beasts to hunt down.
* Realistic jungle environment.
* Gun change option is available.
* Special X-Ray scanner to hunt in dark night missions

Please review the unity version before you purchase,Some codes may work with newer versions of unity just fine, others may require modifying.

Wild Hunter Sniper Buck Unity 3D
Wild Hunter Sniper Buck Unity 3D

1 Credit

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