100 Characters in One

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Download 100 Characters in One Unity Asset For Free
Blank Character: 150 crazy animated characters based on one cool and simple 3D model that can be used in any videogame genre. NOW UPGRADEDNOW INCLUDES MORE THAN 100 ANIMATIONS UPGRADED FOR MECANIM SUPPORT AND LEGACY AS WELL.The NEW pack includes:-150 Character designs for a single blank character mesh-Low poly model (.fbx format 900 tris)-ULTRA low poly model (.fbx format 296 tris)-Maya files (low and ULTRA low poly models)-NOW MORE THAN 100 ANIMATIONS (shown below) for any game genre (idle, running, fighting, flying, jump, funny moves, push, pull, throwing, climbing, hanging, fighting, shooting, crawling, swimming, zombies, dancing, DRIVING and MUCH more!!!)-150 textures (1 for each character, .png format)-Editable .PSD texture template (adding MUCH more customization)-Animations and characters guide


100 Characters in One Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download 100 Characters in One for Free

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