Additive Scene Manager v1.1

Download Additive Scene Manager v1.1 Free


Download Additive Scene Manager v1.1 Unity Asset For Free
This tool makes scene loading, unloading, and reloading easy. It provides a set of functions that simplifies the asynchronous loading and unloading of additive scenes. Includes a custom inspector to display which scenes are loading/loaded so it’s easy to understand what is happening with Unity’s SceneManager and what loading stage each scene is at.The SceneController.cs class gives the ability to:- Easy loading, unloading, and reloading in Unity 5.- Add scenes that will be loaded when the game starts.- Add ‘persistent’ scenes that will not be unloaded by SceneController’s Unload functions.- View all scenes which are currently loaded by Unity’s SceneManager class.- View what loading stage each scene is at.- Set the allowSceneActivation boolean via toggle.- Load new scenes into the editor or at runtime.- Bake lighting on multiple scenes simultaneously via the Lightmapping.BakeMultipleScenes API function.A demo project is included and as well as a script to utilize the SceneController functions so you can get asynchronous additive scenes working in your project without using any code.Great setup for VR Cameras and scene loading.


Additive Scene Manager v1.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Additive Scene Manager v1.1 for Free

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