Advanced Builder v1.3.4

Download Advanced Builder v1.3.4 Free


Download Advanced Builder v1.3.4 Unity Asset For Free
Advanced Builder provides an easy way to build in one click, multiple versions of your game on a lot of platforms.For example, with one click, Advanced Builder will build a Demo and Paid version of your game on 4 different platforms (that’s 8 builds in one click).Features- Manage multiple versions of your game,- Build on multiple platforms in one click,- Switch in one click between multiple configurations to test your game in the Editor,- Define a clean destination path for all your builds,- Add your custom pre/post build script,- Distribution platforms (to deal with Google Play, Amazon Store for example…),- Use different scripting defines for each configuration,- Choose the scenes you want to include in each configuration,- Clean C# code.Warning- If you want to automatically build multiple version of your game with Advanced Builder, you will absolutely need Unity Pro or Unity 5 (because custom builds requires Unity Pro). BUT you can manually set a configuration via the ‘Project Configuration’ window. So you’ll have to click on a button to set the configuration you want, and then build manually every configuration.- This tool does NOT allow you to build for iOS on a Windows/Linux machine. You need a Mac for that.Continuously supported since January 2014!


Advanced Builder v1.3.4 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Advanced Builder v1.3.4 for Free

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