Affordable Landscapes 1 v2.0

Download Affordable Landscapes 1 v2.0 Free


Download Affordable Landscapes 1 v2.0 Unreal Asset For Free
Affordable Landscapes 1 v2.0 is the ultimate landscape bundle available on UE4 Marketplace with 60 rates an counting, designed to address your various landscape needs. Comes with 18 various landscapes 64 Square Kilometers each plus paintable landscape layers and a ton of cool stuff. Please read the “Content” section for more information on contents.Notes This Package contains 18 stand-alone products (landscapes). You might find duplicate content under each product i.e we use Distance Based Tessellation function for every product separately. This way you can delete the products you don’t need for your project without breaking others. Background Meshes that are placed outside landscapes contain no LODs since their whole purpose is to design far horizons outside player’s reach.Technical DetailsContent• [1] Island Landscape• [1] Lava Landscape• [1] Sand Dunes Landscape• [1] Mesas Landscape• [1] Snowy Mountains Landscape• [1] Moon Landscape• [1] Mars Landscape• [1] Grass Mountains Landscape• [1] Grass Hills Landscape• [1] Arid Mountains Landscape• [1] Spring Landscape• [1] Brown Hills Landscape• [1] Dry Landscape• [1] Barren Landscape• [1] Rugged Landscape• [1] Yellow Blades Landscape• [1] High Grass Landscape• [1] Lowlands Landscape• [19] Background Meshes• [2] Bushes• [5] Pebbles• [1] Mars 2D Clouds Plane• [1] Dynamic 2D Mist + 2 Variations• [1] Distance Space Station 2D Plane• [1] Distance Earth 2D Plane• [1] Advanced Grass Material• [1] Moving Cloud Shadows Material Function• [1] Distance Based Tessellation Function• [1] Colorizer Function• [1] Cloud Panner• [1] Distance Based Displacement Function• [1] Distance Based Fade Out Function• [1] Fresnel Correction Function• [1] Global Normal Variation Function• [1] Mask Modifier Function• [1] Mixer Function• [1] Moving Dust Function• [15] Grass TypesTECHNICAL DETAILSTextures: Up to 4K – 8K Color Templates (Downsize as you wish)[18] Landscapes[84] Materials[120] Material Instances[194] Material Functions[331] Textures[69] Meshes

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Affordable Landscapes 1 v2.0 Is a paid Unreal Asset , But now you can download Affordable Landscapes 1 v2.0 for Free

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