Alienoids Squad Pack v1.0

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Download Alienoids Squad Pack v1.0

Download Alienoids Squad Pack v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
Alienoids squad modular sci-fi kit.13 texture style skins.- Base body + 5 heads.- Modular armor built from misc parts: 5 boots, 10 bracers, 5 headwears, 6 helmets, 5 kneepads, 5 pants, 10 shoulders, 5 thighs, 10 vests.- Weapons: 24 guns, 5 light sabers, 5 shields .- Whole kit uses just a single texture pattern (+normal and spec map) shared for body, armor parts and all weapons.Triangles count: 2-3k per average armored alien with a weapon.105 Animations:


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