Allosaurus And Skeleton v1.3

Download Allosaurus And Skeleton v1.3 Free


Download Allosaurus And Skeleton v1.3 Unity Asset For Free
It contains 3D model and animations of allosaurus and its skeleton. -The z axis of this model is not forward direction. If you use this model as a third person character, set camera target to AllosaurusCameraTarget.-Models folder contains original fbx file of allosaurus.Run and walk animations are compatible with root motion.Mesh:AllosaurusSkin:1018trianglesAllosaurusSkeleton:7030trianglesToothAndClaw:530trianglesAllosaurusModelHigh:6588tris(For unity5.2.3 or higher only)-Prefabs folder contains 17 types of prefabs of allosaurus.Twelve of these prefabs are attached rigidbody, collider, animator and scripts.-Scenes folder contains demo scene that uses the prefabs.


Allosaurus And Skeleton v1.3 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Allosaurus And Skeleton v1.3 for Free

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