American Gas Station v2.0

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Download American Gas Station v2.0 Unity Asset For Free
American Gas Station v2.0 – Unity asset A traditional, old American gas station building model that comes with interior and exterior as well. The inside isn’t furnished, but everything you see in the screenshot is included in the asset pack, a total of 27 models.- High-res PBR textures (close up quality)- LOD groups, extra UV set for lightmapping- Desert terrain included with 4 texture sets- 2 demo scenes for testing (one daylight with realtime GI, one nighttime with baked GI)All objects are prefabbed, set up with colliders and pivots are positioned for drag and drop use.Models included in the package:- Gas station building (atlased 4K texture set, 1 material only)- Rusty gas pump (+ damaged version)- 3 metal barrels- cactus (2 variants)- WM procedural terrain- White wooden chair- Several signs, some emissive (refer to screenshots)- Ice machine- Wooden pallet- Picnic table- Interactive cloth American flag- Wheel- 2 lamps (rusty wall lamp, green neon)- Emissive ‘OPEN’ sign


American Gas Station v2.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download American Gas Station v2.0 for Free

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