Animated Police Man v1.0.1

Download Animated Police Man v1.0.1 Free


Download Animated Police Man v1.0.1 Unity Asset For Free
A police man model (Chinese S.W.A.T.) with 13 animation sets.This package include:1 police model.1 Chinese 95 carbine.High resolution textures with normal map.13 animation sets.AnimationStandby: 0-60Walk: 70-102Run: 110-130Backward: 140-173Standing with carbine aimed: 180-225Crouch with carbine aimed: 230-270Walk with carbine aimed: 280-315Run with carbine aimed: 320-340Jump: 350-395Standing with auto fire: 565-577Crouch with auto fire: 580-592Standing with single fire: 600-604Crouch with single fire: 610-614


Animated Police Man v1.0.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Animated Police Man v1.0.1 for Free

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