Attack Zombie Mobile TPS v1.1

Download Attack Zombie Mobile TPS v1.1 Free


Download Attack Zombie Mobile TPS v1.1 Unity Asset For Free
A very smooth and precise mobile 3rd person shooter control.Optimized for iOS and Android.Attack Zombie MobileDemo with 9 realtime lights there.- iPhone6Plus : 60 fps Features- Smooth/precise mobile 3rd person shooter control- Mobile have same behavior as editor- Modular 3D assets- Zombie with replaceable-body-part- Clean, easy to understand C# code- Allow unrestricted modification- Use TouchScript for inputV1.1- Camera won’t go through floor or flip over- Add zoomable camera- Add single-mesh zombie- Add Unity UI control- Add light-baked scene example- Optimize various prefabsV2.0- New customizable enemy wave system- Multiple maps example- Restructure entire project- New desert mapIf you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at : support@suriyun.comYour rating, review and feedback are greatly appreciated.PLEASE NOTE: This is a base template for a game and is not a full game. Therefore, scripting or additional art will be required if you wish to produce a full game using it.


Attack Zombie Mobile TPS v1.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Attack Zombie Mobile TPS v1.1 for Free

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