B-Soft Body Deformation v1.1

Download B-Soft Body Deformation v1.1 Free


Download B-Soft Body Deformation v1.1 Unity Asset For Free
A simple script that allows meshes to be deformed by impacting objects and update collision dynamically.Features:~Simple to use – add the BSoftBody component to any game object with a mesh filter and collision~Fast – Can be optimized to deform about 30K triangles in about 1-2 milliseconds (results may vary depending on CPU)~Inspector settings complete with tool-tips to help adjust the deformation to your liking~Collision can be updated dynamically~Deformations can be made using raycasts or by impacting colliders~Source code can be modified if you fancyNotes:-Tested and working in unity 4.7 though the example scenes are unity 5 only.-Skinned meshes are not supported at this time.-Dynamic collision on rigid bodies in Unity 5 is not supported on meshes with more than 256 vertices due to mesh colliders not being able to have more than 256 polygons with rigid bodies, as well as needing to be convex.-The shape of the colliding object is not taken into account, impacts are simulated as round. This keeps the calculation simple and fast.-The better normal recalculation script included with this was written by the nice man at schemingdeveloper.com


B-Soft Body Deformation v1.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download B-Soft Body Deformation v1.1 for Free

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