Battle Car Pack v1.0

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Download Battle Car Pack v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
This package contains four variations of a retro-style muscle car.Models:Stock – 3590 TRIS- Separate wheels- Separate windowsRacer – 3570 TRIS- Separate wheels- Separate windowsWarrior – 5810 TRIS- Separate wheels- Separate windowsDoom – 6048 TRIS- Separate wheels- Separate windows- Separate suspension parts ready for rigging/animationTextures:Each car has it’s own texture map which includes the exterior and interior of the car.If you want your game to look both badass and polished, we’ve got the cars for you! These 4 variations of the retro-style muscle car are low poly, optimized for mobile devices, and have awesome textures!Usage:These models are great for all kinds of car games, like racing, crashing, smashing, etc. They also work well as props in other game genres.


Battle Car Pack v1.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Battle Car Pack v1.0 for Free

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