Beauty and the Brutes (Gameplay Edition) v1.2

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Download Beauty and the Brutes (Gameplay Edition) v1.2

Download Beauty and the Brutes (Gameplay Edition) v1.2 Unity Asset For Free
This animation package contains male and female RPG combat animations for 12 different weaponstates:1H-one handed2H-two handedBowBareCasterDualSpearSS-Sword and ShieldJavelinPhalanx(low held spear and shield)PistolRifleUN-unarmedCurrently…the playable tech demo is NOT a full game, and it is NOT a toolsetFEATURES12 characters with test scenes150 female animations150 male animationsplayable combataim assisttarget enemy under mousemultiple weaponstate controllersclose third person controller4 directional movement for bownew overhand javelin statenew staff caster stateattack while movingattack on spinning platformspain flinch as layermecanim to ground(prevents camera jitter)dragon with attack(early state)jump, fall, swingswinging with rope graphiclink/unlink to moving platformsability drag and drop inspectorability drag and drop guidamage over time(venom)area of effect(blast radius)radial player markerhealth barscamera angle makerzone use camera angleunderwater causticsradar ui(Bootcamp)MakePlayer top menu scriptMakeEnemy top menu script(mecanim only for those)enemy radar blipsenemy use nav lost playerenemy ai backup if too closeenemy ai avoid each otherenemy ai avoid dead bodiesenemy ai knockbackFEATURES THAT ARENOT IMPLEMENTED YETnot all the plannedweaponstates are doneexperience points..not yetbarehanded casters..not yetleveling exp…not yetbeam attacks…not yetdragon landing..not yetdragon abilities..not yetdragon death..not yetdie on dragon..not yetenemy formations…not yetenemy avoid water..not yet


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Download Links and the Brutes Gameplay Edition 1.2.rar.html and the Brutes Gameplay Edition 1.2.rar.html
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