Behaviour Machine Pro v1.4.3

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Download Behaviour Machine Pro v1.4.3 Unity Asset For Free
Behaviour Machine is an elegant way to add the power of state machines, behaviour trees and visual scripting to Unity. It lets you continue with your workflow and does not lag your project.For Professionals!A very polished tool for professional game development. Empower your team and project with a powerful toolset today!Free Official PackagesAll current (and future) official packages are included for free.3rd Party NodesUniduino and UniOSC.Full Source CodeComes with the runtime and editor source code (No DLLs). C# scripts very well commented. Change anything you want to better adapt to your project.Try It Now!Or view Indie Version!Features:- NEW DynamicList variable (aka array/list);- Pro Free official packages;- Pro Full source code;- True cross-platform (mobile friendly), no need for extra steps/packages;- Lightning Fast Performance;- A lot of sample scenes to get started;- Intuitive Editor (Works as a native Unity View);- FSM + HFSM + BT editors;- Visual Debugging;- Robust API, fully extensible and documented.- Create your own custom state, node/task and editor;- Supports C#, j?vascript and Boo out of the box.- Includes hundreds of nodes/tasks;- For Unity and Unity Pro;- Unity 2D ready;- And much more…


Behaviour Machine Pro v1.4.3 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Behaviour Machine Pro v1.4.3 for Free

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