Boxy Knight v1.1

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Download Boxy Knight v1.1 Unity Asset For Free
Low poly Boxy KnightUpdate. New content.1.2- Added new animations. Strafe Left / Right with and without root motion.- Added walk and run with root motion- Changed material from Unlit to standardHe is rigged and animated.Textures are hand painted and available in 4 colors. It has 15 animations. Legacy and Humaniod Mecanim rig set up. Triangle count is 620. Sword and shield are detachable.Animations:- Idle- Walk without root motion- Walk with root motion- Run without root motion- Run with root motion- Strafe left without root motion- Strafe left with root motion- Strafe right without root motion- Strafe right with root motion- Attack 01- Attack 02- Cast Spell- Defend- Jump- Take damage- Die


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