Car Paint DynePack v1.0

Download Car Paint DynePack v1.0


Download Car Paint DynePack v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
Car Paint DynePack contains a variety of shader files that will cover virtually any kind of effect and appearance you need in your car set. Along with those, you get a special Mystery shader, some useful sample materials to quickly tune your gear up, two optimized car models for testing, and freedom to edit and customize any shader’s source code as you need. The package contains the following:-6 different shading techniques;-Fresnel and advanced Rim control in all of them;-Flakes addiction in paint and brightness;-Decals overlayed that don’t respond to reflections;-Colorable Rims, including dark ones;-Special Mystery shader;-2 car models available;-A bunch of sample materials;-Bonus: A low-poly SpeedRacer’s Mach5 car model included;*Ps: Nevermind the textures used in the example. They exist only for functional sample purposes, and do not represent any intent of artistic expression.


Car Paint DynePack v1.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Car Paint DynePack v1.0 for Free

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