Cascade – River, Lake, Waterfall and more v1.2.0 rev. 3

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Download Cascade - River, Lake, Waterfall and more v1.2.0 rev. 3

Download Cascade – River, Lake, Waterfall and more v1.2.0 rev. 3 Unity Asset For Free
MAIN FEATURES** PROCEDURAL RIVER AND LAKE DESIGNER TOOL** SMART AND INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE** ORGANIC WAVES GENERATOR FOR LAKE AND SEA** ADVANCED MULTI-THREAD REAL-TIME MULTI-TILES TERRAIN PROCEDURAL CARVING** TEXTURING YOUR RIVER AND LAKE BED USING TERRA – PAINTER MODULE** AUTOMATIC MULTIPLE MASKS GENERATION FOR VEGETATION STUDIO ( STANDARD AND PRO BETA).** FAST AND REALISTIC WATER SHADER DRIVEN BY MORPHOLOGICAL LANDSCAPE PARAMETER** ONE SHADER FOR MULTIPLE WATER SYSTEM WITH DYNAMIC COMPILATION**ADDED PREVIEW SCENE FOR NEW COMING OCEAN MODECascade Features Added**INNOVATIVE TOOL TO DESIGN YOUR RIVERS , LAKES AND WATERFALL**- Cascade Surface Spawner: an innovative and one-click approach to create procedural lakes. No more large plane, but only shaped mesh procedurally generated- Procedural River Bed Carving: advanced component allow you a unique experience in creating your river bed. Advanced Setting per node along the path gives the top realistic experience you can image- Virtual Mesh Design mode allow you to preview in real time terran conform shape – Full Control of water parameters along each node of the spline. No more flat and boring setting.- Automatic and optimized generation of Vegetation Studio Mask around the water surface in real time.. You can create small water area and really large water area – Include 6 large demo scenes with nice large landscapes and Cascade Water System ready to use in your game**SIMPLE BUT HIGHLY REALISTIC WATER SHADER**- Only a single shader that handles every type of water surface like a river, lake, waterfall. Shader works smoothly in gamma and linear. No more tons of different shader to select.- Independent Setting for River, Lake, and Waterfall allow the use of single shaped mesh with perfect blending between different surfaces- Dynamic shader engine highly optimized according to the selected features, working on Mobile, Desktop and VR- Works with VR in single pass mode, as well as with multiple camera setups.- Works with Unity fog and most of the fog assets with smooth interaction.- Two water stream mode including automatic REAL TIME FLOWMAP mode allows the stream to follow the real flow and not getting strange directions. NO MANUAL OPERATION NO PAINT REQUIRED- Work Water reflection and mirroring without an additional script and without impacting performance- Automatic waterfall cascade generation.- Turbulence Setting- Slosh Water Setting- Sparkles on water- Caustic layer- Rain Drops on water- Waterfall- 3 independent flotsam layers allowing you to have leaves and other particulate float in the water.- General Foam and Foam on edge- Deep Calming Setting- Realistic Water Color Setting**BONUS PACK**- Asset includes a high-quality set of 5 PBR textures, each one with Albedo, Normal, Height and AO mapsCASCADE is an innovative and AAA quality water system that has been born by the cooperation between Jason Booth ( creator of Megasplat and Microsplat ) and Antonio Ripa ( creator of Sentieri and TerraPainter ).Designed around performance and ease of use with CASCADE you can easily create multiple surface water like RIVERS, LAKES, and WATERFALL with a few clicks with a powerful mesh generator tool, a modular performance shader and a fast terrain procedural engine that allow you to create river bed in few seconds.CASCADE uses an advanced terrain procedural engine that allow RIVER BED CARVING getting high realism and with real-time preview from the editor. You can always redo your changes using the fast a solid internal terrain cache system.You have full control of the main parameters like width, slope, water depth, etc. globally and per node. It is the only system that allows amazing water surfaces flowing into each other like a River flows in Lake.CASCADE does not use simply a shader, but a shader generation system based on dynamic programming that allows the generation of custom shaders based on the features you select. Unused features are completely removed from the code. In combination with the highly optimized code that allow the best performance you can get from a water shaderWe have designed and developed an original and unique asset to support Unity users to improve workflow and quality of their large terrain landscapesWe constantly update CASCADE adding more and more original and new featuresPrice will increase step by step as more features will be added. Roadmap include: API for play mode generation, new amazing water surface categories, underwater effects, buoyancy, surface interaction, fully dynamic water surface generation, and more ( we will not add features in the above order )Asset is part of EarthShaping Project the first suite of a tool designed for a real-time 3D procedural world generation including Terrain, Roads, Water Paths, Cities and more.You can check the tools progress on our web site


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