City Park Exterior Props v1.0

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Download City Park Exterior Props v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
The City Park Exterior Props package contains assets required for set dressing a park environment, as well as 2 demo scenes utilizing most of the assets in the package.Note: Not optimized for mobile!156 Models (fbx)173 Prefabs9 Environmental Particle Effect Prefabs242 Tiling Textures (1k)37 Mask Textures375 Custom Asset Textures (Mostly 2k)1 Water Shader1 Skydome2 Demo Scenes (Day,Night)Package Prefabs:1 Ashtray3 Barrier Spheres2 Basketball Courts1 Basketball Hoop1 Bell24 Benches3 Bike Racks2 Boats1 Bridge1 Cement Fence Post2 City Park Signs4 Cement Pillars2 Cement Stairs1 Disposal Bins3 Docks3 Drinking fountains4 Fences1 Fountain Area Circles3 Garbage Bins1 Garden Island Set1 Garden Liner Set1 Light Ray1 Monkey Bars1 Grill4 Pathway Sets1 Pavilion1 Payphone1 Picnic Table1 Pillar Dome1 Playground Container2 Shelters2 Slides1 Recycling Bin1 Seesaw1 Small Round Cement Base1 Spinning Wheel5 Street Lights1 Sunbathing chair1 Swing Set3 Water Fountains1 Water Fountain Center Design1 Water Pump


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