Climbing System v2.0.1

Download Climbing System v2.0.1 Free


Download Climbing System v2.0.1 Unity Asset For Free
? Create games faster with Climbing System. Add climbing abilities, get fluid movement and customize as you want. ?BACKUP YOUR PROJECT BEFORE ANY UPDATE• What games can I create with this?With Climbing System you can create any 3rd person games or 2.5D games. It’s a flexible package that allows you to adapt this to what you need.• Which abilities are included in this package?- Complete climbing abilities, including climb jumps.- Ladder climbing- Lower Climb- Step Up- Vault- Free Locomotion and Strafe- Crouch- Roll- NEW: Wall Run- NEW: Wall Climb- NEW: Crawl- NEW: Mathematical prediction for jumpsNEW• Does it work for Mobile?- Yes! It does!• How long idoes it takes to create new characters??- In seconds! There is a custom editor window that allowes you to create characters fast. You can see that’s true here.• Does it work with Humanoid characters?Yes! It was designed to work with Humanoids.• Does it work for generic characters?No! It only works for humanoids.• Is it ready for Network Multiplayer?You can create custom script to allow it work for Multiplayer, but there is no ready setup for it.


Climbing System v2.0.1 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Climbing System v2.0.1 for Free

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