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Introducing the first in the CorcraProps Series of level props.The Rustic pack includes props that are perfect for TopDown, FPS or third person games of a fantasy, medieval, rustic, western, backwoods or anything that fits a rustic look theme.I started creating these props after being inspired by Adam Goodrich’s videos on his wonderful spawning system GeNa. The prefaps should work with his system however I have not been able to test them yet.Demo coming soonFeaturesAll materials are PBR 2K textures.The models share texture groups to keep the overhead down while still delivering great visual fidelity.The package comes with 77 meshes, and 92 prefabs.Meshes are modeled to represent real world scale and should fit seamlessly into Unity if your project is using 1 Unity unit = 1 meter.Pack IncludesCONTAINERS• Barrel 1• Barrel 2• Barrel Keg 01• Barrel Keg 02• Basket 1• Basket 2• Basket 3• Glazed Pot 1• Glazed Pot 2• Bucket 1• Crate 01• Crate 02COOKWARE• Cast Iron Pot• Cast Iron Frying Pan• KettleDINNERWARE• Wooden Plate 01• Wooden Plate 02• Bowl 01• Bowl 02• Fork 01• Knife 01• Ladle• Tankard 01• Silver Bowl 01• Silver Bowl 02• Silver Goblet• Silver Jug• Silver Plate01• Metal Plate02• Silver Platter• Wine bottle 01• Wine bottle 02• Wine bottle 03BOOKS• Book large 01• Book large 02• Book Med 01• Book Med 02• Book Med 03• Book Med 04FOOD• Iron Pot Cooking food• Iron Skillet Cooking food• Iron Kettle Cooking food• Apple 01• Apple 02• Bread 01• Bread 02• Cheese Slice 01• Cheese Slice 02• Cheese Wheel 01• Cooked Steak• PotatoFLOORS AND WALLS• Banner 01• Banner 02• Banner 03• 4×6 Rug 01• 4×6 Rug 02• 4×4 Rug 01• 4×4 Rug 02• Pelt 01• Pelt 02• Pelt 03• Pelt 04LIGHTING• Candle 01 Unlit• Candle 01 Shadow• Candle 01 No Shadow• Candle Wall 01 Unlit• Candle Wall 01 Shadow• Candle Wall 01 No Shadow• Candle Chandelier 01 Unlit• Candle Chandelier 01 Shadow• Candle Chandelier 01 No Shadow• Standing Candle Chandelier 01 Unlit• Standing Candle Chandelier 01 Shadow• Standing Candle Chandelier 01 No ShadowFIREWOOD• Firewood Stack Med• Firewood Stack Large• Firewood log 01• Firewood log 02• Firewood log 03• Firewood log 04• Firewood log 05MISC• Broom• Hook (For Hanging pots and pans)• Chain for Chandelier• Chandelier StandThe Rustic pack is work in progress and I will be adding new meshes and prefabs to it over time. You will not be asked to pay for an upgrade. Your purchase today will guarantee your upgrade at no additional cost for as long as additions are being made to the pack.


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Download Links – Rustic.rar.html – Rustic.rar.html
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