Crystal Glass v1.3

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Download Crystal Glass v1.3 Unity Asset For Free
Do you need a glittering and translucent crystal glass shader to enhance the visual quality of your game ? This is perfect for your demand.Opacity Single pass transparency Double pass transparency Rainbow crystal glass shaders included. Both of them support bump mapping and chromatic dispersion !- Opacity and transparency surface.- Bump mapping and chromatic dispersion.- Compatible with unity4 and unity5.- Compatible with unity pro and free.- Compatible with mobile platform.- Demo and source code included.Version 1.1 update- Rainbow crystal glass shader.Version 1.2 update- Dynamic glass refraction effect rendering.Version 1.3 update- Colored glass.- Fixed a mask problem in shader.Version 1.5 update- Pixel accurate refraction and reflection.- Support customized glass texture.Version 2.0 update- Arbitrary mesh glass shader effect.Version 2.4 update- Support reflection & refraction roughness.- Object transparency adjustment.- Rainbow shader support bump and roughness adjustment.- Remove redundant unity editor reference.


Crystal Glass v1.3 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Crystal Glass v1.3 for Free

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