Curved World v2019.5

Download Curved World v2019.5 Free


Download Curved World v2019.5 Unity Asset For Free
Curved World offers effects known as• Horizon bending• Exaggerated horizon curve• Spherical world• Cylindrical rolloff• Little planet• Cylindrical TowerTry PC buildCurved World is not Image Effect. It’s simple, but very powerful per mesh material shader effect.Curved World curvature means – objects rendering as being bent only inside camera view, while their world space parameters: position, rotation, scale are not changed or modified. Because of this Curved World does not disturb any of game elements like: physics, animation, AI, path finding and other mesh transformations.Curved World is highly optimized for mobiles and contains: Unlit, One Directional Light and Matcap shaders.Curved World offers shaders for high-end devices with: Standard, Legacy, Unity Terrain and Nature, Water, DX11 Tessellation shaders.Additional Sprite, Particle, Projector, 2D Skybox, Flare, Cartoon and Outline shaders.Built in optional parameters system for controlling shader:• Image Based Lighting• Fog• Rim• Fresnel• Mesh vertex color• UV Scroll• HDR EmissionAlmost any asset from the Asset Store can be made Curved World ‘friendly’, with the easiest custom shader integration system.Third party shaders and assets supporting Curved World:• Subsurface Scattering Shader• The Amazing Wireframe shader• Terrain To Mesh• DirectX 11 Grass Shader• Toony Colors Pro 2• MegaSplat• SpeedTree® (included)• KvantLattice and KvantTunnel (included)Documentation and example scenes inside package.


Curved World v2019.5 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Curved World v2019.5 for Free

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