Damaged 60’s Electronics (40 Prefabs) v1.0

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Download Damaged 60's Electronics (40 Prefabs) v1.0

Download Damaged 60’s Electronics (40 Prefabs) v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
Jefferson Electronics proudly presents! State of the art electronics for all your needs!Well, they used to be anyway. The years haven’t been exceptionally kind to these gadgets and they are not really in a state in which you can sell them online. With a grand total of 40 prefabs, this asset offers:5 gadgets in 4 color options, each with branded and no brand options. Jefferson Electronics would be quite saddened to see you prefer to not see their logo on these gadgets, but thankfully they don’t even exist anymore.Highly detailed 1024×1024 textures for each mesh. The damage and dirt were both procedurally-created and hand-painted, to create non-repeating textures.Well-optimized meshes. Each model has around 1000 tris and a single material each except for the record disc on the phonograph, which is a separate mesh.PBR ready materials.Neatly organized folders. You’ll easily find what you need.And of course, a reasonable price tag. The entire package costs only 5 dollars.The theme I went with is “heavily damaged old devices that are still somewhat useable.” Despite how dirty and damaged the models look, they still look like they can fulfill their functions. As such they go really well with apocalyptic settings.Further information:The record disc on the phonograph is a separate object, should you want to rotate it.The different color combinations of an object share all textures but albedo for increased performance, should you want to use different colors in one scene.All the prefabs already have mesh colliders, you only need to drag them into your scene at this point.


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https://hitf.cc/wfG6c8I/Damaged 60’s Electronics (40 Prefabs).rar.html
https://turb.cc/wfG6c8I/Damaged 60’s Electronics (40 Prefabs).rar.html
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