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Download Color Studio v2.8
2 days ago

Color Studio v2.8

  Download Color Studio v2.8 Unity Asset For Free Color Studio is an editor extension that let you:a) create appealing color palettes using a variety of tools integrated in an easy to use ...
Download Paint in 3D v1.10.5
  Download Paint in 3D v1.10.5 Unity Asset For Free Paint all your objects using Paint in 3D - both in game, and in editor. All features have been heavily optimized, making it great for ...
Download Vertex Painter & Vertex AO v2.0
  Download Vertex Painter & Vertex AO v2.0 Unity Asset For Free INFO : Meshes must have a mesh collider to work! Version 2.0 - Updated to Unity 4.3 - Added several shaders for texture ...
Download Object Placement Tool v1.0
  Download Object Placement Tool v1.0 Unity Asset For Free Object Placement Tool - it's a powerful editor extention that allows you to populate your scenes in minutes using simple mouse ...
Download Vertex Tools Pro v2.1.1
  Download Vertex Tools Pro v2.1.1 Unity Asset For Free Vertex Tools Pro is a feature packed editor extension optimized for the physical rendering pipeline of Unity 5. It lets you blend ...
Download Shader Painter v1.5.1
  Download Shader Painter v1.5.1 Unity Asset For Free Shader Painter is still in BETA. Not all features are available. The price will increase with every BETA update. Buy it now at a ...
Download MeshBrush v2.0
2 days ago

MeshBrush v2.0

  Download MeshBrush v2.0 Unity Asset For Free MeshBrush is a Unity editor extension that allows you to paint meshes onto your GameObject's surfaces.Quickly detail and enhance the overall ...
Download Prefab Painter 2 v2.2
  Download Prefab Painter 2 v2.2 Unity Asset For Free Prefab Painter is a tool for placing large amounts of objects on surfaces.Features:- Place/Erase/Select objects- Precise place ...
Download 3DCoat to Unity v1.1.2
  Download 3DCoat to Unity v1.1.2 Unity Asset For Free A plugin that allows to use native 3D-Coat 3b file format with asset created with per-pixel or ptex painting mode.After adding 3b ...
Download Splat Painter v1.11
2 days ago

Splat Painter v1.11

  Download Splat Painter v1.11 Unity Asset For Free A simple tool for editing Splatmap by painting on meshes.- Work with Unity 5- Work with any mesh- Source code available- 20 shaders ...
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