Dungeon Breaker Starter Kit v3.0f

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Download Dungeon Breaker Starter Kit v3.0f

Download Dungeon Breaker Starter Kit v3.0f Unity Asset For Free
Dungeon Breaker Starter Kit 3.0The Action Multiplayer RPG Starter Project. available on standalone and mobile devices.this project will help you create your own multiplayer RPG in a few steps.includeds with many features and several gameplay style such as Third Person Action RPG , Topdown RPG hack and slash , Adventure Co-opYou can play around with friends build your heroes, create your story, and enjoy your own Multiplayer RPG.Important: There’s many changes in this version. Please backup your project before update.New Update! 3.0- Add Multiplayer Co – Op Online / Lan- Add New Mini Map- Add New GUI Skin- Add New Level- Cleaned masses stuff and Make it look better- Bug FixesIncluded- Multiplayer Co-Op Online / Lan- Multi Game Styled (TopDown and Third Person)- Mecanim Support- Character Creator System- Combat System- RPG System- Inventorys and Items embbed- Skills System- NPC Quests System- NPC Shop System- Level Manager- Save/Load Game- Particle FX- AI Friend / Enemy- Gameplay Manager- Mini map- Mobile Devices Support


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https://hitf.cc/labRvIs/Dungeon Breaker Starter Kit.rar.html
https://turb.cc/labRvIs/Dungeon Breaker Starter Kit.rar.html
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