Dynamic Nature – Starter v1.9f1

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Download Dynamic Nature - Starter v1.9f1

Download Dynamic Nature – Starter v1.9f1 Unity Asset For Free
Pack support unity:- Unity 5.6- Unity 2017- Unity 2018- Unity 2018 LW RP 4.9- Unity 2018 HD RP 4.9- New unity terrain 2018.3+ support- Unity 2019- Unity 2019 LW RP 5.7+- Unity 2019 HD RP 5.7+To run HD or LW RP please import pack to HD or LW RP project and then import support pack which is inside the asset in “HD and LW RP support” folder. It will replace shaders, prefabs, meshes so they will work with RP out of the box. Please also check readme files inside that folder.This pack is:- group of HQ assets which will work with unity standard shaders and other systems;- huge group of shaders which will bring better quality and simplify your workflow, if you want to use them;- shader pack for CTS to get 1:1 compatibility; – all shaders are shared between our all assets;In our pack you will find 5 aspects (artistic content, shaders, tools, support files):1) Artistic content:- 33 rock prefabs with snow auto-cover, uv free cover and standard- 7 atlased rock texture sets (27 textures);- 4 birch trees with 32 prefabs in HD, autumn, Vegetation Studio, optimised combination;- 2 willows trees with 14 prefabs in HD, autumn, Vegetation Studio, optimised combination;- Tree triangles specification below;- 11 rock models;- 6 ice floe models;- 34 ice rock and floe prefabs in 2 example material variants (data is for about ice 540 variants);- 64 ice lake materials ;- 64 ice solid object materials;- 64 ice lake materials with vertex painted snow;- 5 ground texture sets (20 textures);- 5 grass prefabs for unity terrain;- 5 grass prefabs with LOD’s for VS and custom foliage systems;- our R.A.M river meshes example as frozen river. – 9 unity grass billboards textures sets;- uv free environment demo;- frozen river environment demo;- frozen lake environment demo;- 2 seasons and dynamic snow demos;- All grass textures contain: Albedo, Normalmap, AO, Smoothness;- All ground textures contain: Albedo, Normalmap, Metalic, AO, Smoothness;- All object textures contain: Albedo, Normalmap, Metalic, AO, Smoothness;- All content support snow;In ground textures you will find: snow, grass, dirt / mud, rock;- Pack Support LW and HD RP.2) Shaders:- All shaders support vegetation studio instanced indirect out of the box; – Note: Snow cover could be sand, moss,grass anything;- 6 grass shader (lite, standard specular with snow variants);- 4 standard shaders with snow support;- 3 cross shaders as last tree lod (standard, snow, seasons);- bark shaders with snow, metallic/specular variants;- seasons leaves shaders which support autumn changes and snow cover in metallic/spec variants;- 4 ice rock shaders autocovered by snow with uvfree ice (cool ife icebergs and floe) – 8 ice lake shaders in variants: translucency, metallic, specular, snow on vertex color;- 4 ice solid models shader variants in variants: metallic,specular,translucency;- 5 uv free shaders also with snow cover;- 2 unity terrain grass shaders to cover unity grass by snow;- 3 terrain shaders with snow cover (max 4 splats + snow) in uvfree and triplanar variants;3) Ported wind shading from HD SRP:- Advanced and cheap in render wind shading;- Wind will be shared between our all assets;- Wind works 1:1 like in HD SRP;- Wind manage grass colors and normals;- All shaders have snow support version;4) Tools and Scripts:- Snow and Season Manager to control seasons and snow amount;- HD SRP ported wind to lower unity versions;- Vertex paint tool shared between all our assets;5) Additional support files:- Post process profiles (image effects from movie);Frozen land tutorial demo scene – download link and assets which it need to run, are in youtube video description.Trees specification – low overdraw and smart shaders are gpu friendly. Trees share same materials so this will keep low drawcall usage at the scene.Trees contain optimised and hd versions:Optimised LOD’s tris:Big Birch :13000/8300/2500/27(cross);Big Birch 2: 16500/8900/2600/27(cross);Medium Birch;9300/3400/2000/27(cross);Young Birch:2000/1000/500/27(cross); Big Willow :11000/5200/2400/27(cross);Big Willow 2: 11000/5200/2600/27(cross);HD LOD’s tris:Big Birch :22000/11700/4800/2500/27(cross);Big Birch 2: 29600/14500/4700/2600/27(cross);Medium Birch:13800/7200/3400/2000/27(cross);Young Birch:2000/1000/500/300/27(cross);Big Willow :18400/8600/4800/2900/27(cross);Big Willow 2: 15400/7200/4100/2600/27(cross);This pack is group of PBR assets (models, textures, shaders) which create dynamic and non dynamic environment system. This is part of huge system which will bring dynamic and non dynamic HQ environment into unity. Asset could be also used to change your models into winter, or overgrown with moss and grass without additional work. All shaders are compatibile with Unity Standard shader (they use the same channels) and unity terrain system. Leaves shader dynamically change snow cover but also change leaves to autumn version. Each snow/moss shader dynamically reacts on object position and covers it by snow or moss correctly by taking into account normalmap, vertex position and it’s direction. This feature gives natural feeling. Models contain LODs, trees use cross models as last LOD.MeshesPrefabs show many shaders specular and metalic variants like:UV free, UV free snow – they are world mapped so scale do not change texture resolution. They blend perfectly with terrainStandard Snow/Moss/Grass shaders cover models by snow from the top. Cover reacts on rotation and normalmap dynamically.TerrainTerrain shaders use only 4 splats + snow texture. Snow uses normalmap and terrain slope to cover your terran. CTS – Complete terrain shader is full version with many variants and optimisation of this shaders.IceShader features: ice depth, water depth, translucency, noise which kills tilling, PBR, objects and terrain blending. There are few ice shader wariants so they will fit many situations. There is uvfree version, vertex painted by snow version which could be used for lakes or ice caves.All shaders use the same channels as unity standard shaders and support instantiating:Metalic Shader: Albedo (RGB) // Metalic (R) Ambient Occlusion (G) Smothness (A) // Normal (RGB)Specular Shader: Albedo (RGB) // Normal (RGB) // Specular (RGB) Smothness (A) // Ambient Occlusion (G)We use and advise to use such configuration in your projct to save a lot of memory and gpu sources. Instead of spearated 5-6 textures you can use 3 combined textures ,with the same result in unity standard shader as well as in our system.Textures are 2048×2048 up to 4096×4096 resolution but they look very good also at lower resolution. With packed and atlased structure they are very light for gpu and memory.Many screens were made with Unity post process stack. Their profiles are incluided in asset pack.Documentation | Forum and update roadmapIMPORTANT:Pack contain ported wind from Unity 2018 HD SRP into lower unity versions and LW SRP this means that asset uses: NMWind.cginc ,NMWindNoShiver.cginc ,NMWind.hlsl, NMWindNoShiver.hlsl, NM_Wind.cs, ShaderWindSettings.cs, 3DNoise.psd, GustNoise.psd under Unity Companion License see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.


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