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Download Easy Weapons v3.02 Unity Asset For Free
Easy Weapons is the most powerful, flexible weapon system for Unity. Easily make your weapons shoot without any coding!Also includes environment models from this package.New in version 3:- Support for Shooter AI by Gateway Games- Reorganized new custom editor- Pooling system for bullet holes- More powerful bullet hole selection- Delay fire – fire or launch after specified time- Cook/timed support for grenades or archery weapons that shoot farther when you hold down the fire button longer- Messages can now be sent on key events like Fire, Launch, Reload, to trigger other actions in your scripts- Public RemoteFire method added so that firing can be triggered from other scripts as well as user input or AI- Option to reload weapons automatically when ammo runs out- Dry fire sounds – audio clip can now be played when the user attempts to fire a weapon that’s out of ammo- And more!Weapon System Types:- Raycast (Shotguns, Pistols, Rifles)- Projectile (Rocket, Homing Missile, Grenade Launcher)- Beam (Lasers, Sci-fi Weapons)Framework Features:- Custom weapon control – ROF, Variable Accuracy, VFX, and more- Dynamic weapon accuracy synced with dynamic crosshairs- Smart bullet hole system – different bullet holes when you shoot different surfaces- Weapon models included- Laser reflection- Cluster bombs- Grenade Launcher sample weapon- Easy-to-use recoil system that doesn’t require animation- Camera shake effects for impacts and explosions (includes Easy Camera Shake)- Full-auto and semi-auto options- Burst fire- Plenty of included weapon prefabs to get you started- Projectile system that includes a homing missile option- Customizable crosshairs- Does not require Unity Pro- No programming is required- All C# code is includedThis weapon system is designed to allow you to easily weaponize your game, and it’s customizable to fit your needs. Want to create something a bit different? No problem. All code is in C# and is included in this pack. However, no programming knowledge is required to use this weapon system. The Easy Weapons system can be used in a variety of different game genres, including first person and third person shooters. The aim is for this system to save you time coding core features for your game. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email contact@calvinweibel.com*** Note: Easy Weapons is not a full FPS framework. The demos are first person as an example use. Easy Weapons is intended for use in all kinds of projects, not just first person shooters, and it’s more customizable than the weapon systems in most FPS plugins.Easy Weapons is not directly compatible with UFPS. UFPS has its own weapon system integrated within the framework. There is nothing to prevent you from using Easy Weapons and UFPS in the same project however, for separate characters or weapon holders.


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