Electric Substation ( Power Grid ) v1.0

Download Electric Substation ( Power Grid ) v1.0 Free


Download Electric Substation ( Power Grid ) v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
All of the models are based on reference images that were taken of a real life substation, so the props are very authentic and close to their real life counterparts.Materials are all PBR configured ( albedo / metal / roughness / normal ).This package comes with a pre-assembled substation but you can create your own using the variety of props included in the pack.With over a dozen props, you can make a very unique looking substation.All props come with custom made collision meshes that are accurate and optimized for gameplay.Polygon counts are kept to a minimum and I used tricks to maintain the visual fidelity without using too many polygons ( for example, I used alpha masked texture to model the ribbed towers, saving a lot of triangles, while still maintaining authentic visual style ).Each prop has 4 LOD levelsMajority of the textures are all 4096×4096 except for the chainlink fence ( which is 2048×2048).Each prop ranges from around 500 triangles –> 11,000 triangles. Vertex counts range from 600 –> 13,000.Show Less


Electric Substation ( Power Grid ) v1.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Electric Substation ( Power Grid ) v1.0 for Free

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