Environment Gator v6

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Download Environment Gator v6 Unity Asset For Free
The Environment Gator is a fully programmable game environments generator that allows to create , program and control dynamic game environments.Based on a complete and detailed Day-Night cycle, it includes a programmable Weather-Engine with his internal clouds system and many others features.Controls & Extends default skyboxes features.Up to 6 skyBox modes:- Procedural- Custom EG skyboxes ( Simple, advanced )- 1xCubeMap- 2xCubeMaps Blend- 3xCubeMaps Blend- Solid ColorRendering- Forward/Deferred Path- Linear/Gamma Color Space- HDR- Post Processing Stack integration- Legacy Image effects managerStatic or dynamic scenes.The EG will take care of everything we told him to do, until we tell him to do something else!- Game-Time- Global-Illumination- Fog- Weather Engine- Clouds- Temperatures- Precipitations- Skyboxes- Satellites- Particle Systems- Dynamic Audio Zones- WindZone control- Via API interactionsPretty much everything we need to createour environment will be at our disposal to be programmed and then synced and managed at runtime by the Environment Gator.Other Features :- Powerful Custom Editor- Real-Time editing- AutoScale System for a quick setup.- Artist/Designer friendly.- Presets System- Low impact performances- Highly Scalable- Fully customizable assets- Ambience Audio Gator included*- Dynamic thunders, lightnings- Satellites: Orbital objects around the scene- Integrated API- Easy to script Time and Weather related events- Custom Events Manager- Extensions module for 3rd party assets interactions.- Works in Unity Personal & Pro Ed.- and lots more..


Environment Gator v6 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Environment Gator v6 for Free

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