Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator v1.0

Download Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator v1.0


Download Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
Welcome to my “Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator”. This kit features Well over 2,700 Modular PrefabsMost prefabs in this package use a shared material with the name: “Utility_Map.” With 8 different texture variations! Combine any of those 8 material types with prefabs to give you an almost endless amount of prefabs to use!Best if used with Unity 5.2.0 or higher!——————————————-V 1.5: adding:-100s more modular wall prefabs and corridor types.-New textures/ materials, you can texture prefabs up to 8 different ways for any prefab that use a material with “Utility_Map” in its name!-New emissive shaders applied to existing materials, and with new materials as shown in pictures below!-4 new Space terrain textures, great for moons or planet surfaces.-6 new Turret Models, each with their own attachable parts, great for moving each piece separately combined with animations!——————————————-Build types in this update include:Sci-Fi futuristic scenes.Sci-Fi Space Stations.Planet Surfaces.——————————————-Previous release included build types for:IndustrialSpace StationFacilitiesLabsCheck out the Extreme Sci-Fi Website for more info, and to play the 2 Web Demos featured in this package:Extreme Sci-Fi Creator WebsiteAnd play the newest Web Demo showcasing this update on my website:Lunar Landing Demo——————————————-All Walls, Corridors, floors, and other assets, are 2-sided, so don’t worry too much about being limited to just building interior scenes. This package supports both interior and exterior builds!With the first release, you receive hundreds of walls, floors, ceilings, corridors, doors, ramps, platforms, staircases, railings, etc..Initially all modular prefabs, and great on polys, too! (Some corridor models range from 1,000 verts/ tris – at most 5,000 verts/ tris. And those are mainly the highest among polys of featured models. Walls are provided with nice amounts of 3d details, and Normal maps, to bring out nice details to your scenes.).Textures are at 2048 Resolution.Best used for: Top-Down, First Person, Third Person, RPG, Shooters. Supported well on the Desktop. (I have not fully tested its functionality with “Mobile,” but due to texture and material sharing, and many a variety of high and low poly models, it may be well suited for mobile!)


Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator v1.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Extreme Sci-Fi Level Creator v1.0 for Free

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