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Download EZ Core v1.01 Unity Asset For Free
Works in Unity 4.6 – Unity 5 Free & ProEZ Core is a framework designed to make creation of games within Unity easy and maximize performance.EZ Core is designed to be very flexible and at the same time provide performance boosts to your game as it minimizes unnecessary stuff happening on the backend.EZ_Pooling_2Pool Manager is a tool that manages instances that are needed over and over again in the same scene.EZ_Pooling_2 is a more efficient pooling system than its previous iteration. EZ PoolingEZ_TaggerEZ Tagger is the multi-tagging version Unity tag. And it is faster and more efficient as it uses enum to compare instead of strings.It comes with 2 modes : Exact and Or.Exact : the gameObject must have all the required tags in order to return true.Or : at least 1 must match to return true.Additional features that includes- Action Binder Components- Math functions- and moreEZ Core is still in development so there will be more features that will be included in the next version to make your game programming a breeze.


EZ Core v1.01 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download EZ Core v1.01 for Free

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