Fantasy Forest Environment v1.3

Download Fantasy Forest Environment v1.3 Free


Download Fantasy Forest Environment v1.3 Unity Asset For Free
This pack contains over 120 prefabs you need to create stylized forest environment: from trees, bushes to rocks and mushrooms. All with beautiful hand painted textures and variants for summer, autumn and winter scenes.FEATURES:? 23 tileable hand-painted terrain textures? 12 tree models: 7 conifer trees, 2 deciduous and 3 birch trees with autumn and winter variations – total of 36 tree prefabs?13 terrain detail meshes like grass, bushes and flowers with vertex alpha for proper wind support? 53 prop models such as mushrooms, rocks, fences, water plants, tent, campfire, bridge, waterfalls? 7 particle effects: water splash, fire, falling leaves, dust, mist and snow? custom tree shader with wind movement and indirect instancing support for Vegetation Studio ProImportant note:Not tested on mobile devices. HDRP currently not supported.Screenshots and video made using Unity Post Processing Stack v2, linear colorspace and were rendered on Unity version 2018.2.11. Water visible on the video is from Unity Standard Assets and is not included with the package.


Fantasy Forest Environment v1.3 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Fantasy Forest Environment v1.3 for Free

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