FPS Village: Native American Pack v1.0

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Download FPS Village: Native American Pack v1.0

Download FPS Village: Native American Pack v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
Teepees, adobe style buildings, dry wood are needed to recreate the peculiar atmosphere of a Native American village. This asset contains 75 game ready prefabs to help you build your own Southwest scene in Unity.The pack includes teepees, houses, rocks, totems, pottery, storage buildings and many more – all set up with colliders and are in LOD groups for best performance. Ideal for any project, especially good for multiplayer shooters – jump up to rooftops, take cover, shoot out through the tiny windows.Features:- PBR materials- FPS quality (allows close-up view, HQ textures)- Custom convex hull colliders- LOD models- 15 ‘sand’ footstep audio clips- Demo scene includedPrefab count: 75Try the web demo (Full demo scene)Note: Skybox shown isn’t included in the package.Performance info:Models are low to mid-poly, all have lower poly LOD models provided.The asset is optimized for PC/MAC builds. Not optimal for mobile platforms!In V1.0, all doors are combined with the houses and are static – positioned in a fashion to give variety to the scene and making all interiors accessible for a default (2M) character.Included models:- 3 different teepees- 7 houses (one is the size of 14 small ones, providing 14 interiors)- 4 dead trees- 4 rocks- 2 totems- 6 ground textures- 4 fences- several different boardwalks (elevated too)- 2 pavilons- 8 different navajo style pots- 4 dock models (not shown below, they are in case you have a river in your scene)- 3 towers- 4 barrels (2 closed, 2 open)- 2 storage buildings- horse cart, chest, haystack, torches (burning and non-lit versions), rugs


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https://hitf.cc/4NYk38e/FPS Village – Native American Pack.rar.html
https://turb.cc/4NYk38e/FPS Village – Native American Pack.rar.html
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