Fragmentum v2.4

Download Fragmentum v2.4 Free


Download Fragmentum v2.4 Unity Asset For Free
Shader for mesh fragmentation.With sm2, sm3 and DX11 support.Ready for mobile.Initially made for Unity DirectX 11 contest (2nd Runner Up).Documentation and example scenes inside package.Does not require Unity Pro.Compatible with Unity 2017.1Note, Fragmentum still is Unity 4 asset but re-written for Unity 2017.1. It may not support some of Unity 2017 shader features such as PBR shading, GPU instancing, Single Stereo Rendering for VR, etc.All features Fragmentum had in Unity 4 now should work in Unity 2017.1Please refrain from buying until Fragmentum 3 is released.


Fragmentum v2.4 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Fragmentum v2.4 for Free

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