FxPro: Bloom&DOF, Mobile-Ready v2.28

Download FxPro: Bloom&DOF, Mobile-Ready v2.28


Download FxPro: Bloom&DOF, Mobile-Ready v2.28 Unity Asset For Free
FxPro brings AAA image effects to your mobile and desktop games:Bloom, Depth-of-Field, Lens Curvature, Lens Dirt, Chromatic Aberration, Color Correction and cinematic Film Grain.FxPro is the most comprehensive and optimized image effects package available for Unity.Features:+ Energy-conserving RealLens Bloom algorithm that keeps highlights nice and crisp.+ Advanced DeepBlur Depth-of-Field algorithm with Bokeh support.+ High-quality Lens Dirt effect.+ Physically-based Chromatic Aberration.+ Lens Curvature.+ Cinematic Film Grain & Vignetting.+ Depth-based artistic color grading that improves depth perception of the scene.+ Mobile-ready depth-based fog.+ FAST. Blazingly fast.+ Easy to set up.+ Tested on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.+ Supports both HDR(32-bit) and non-HDR workflows.+ Various quality settings for different platforms.+ Ready for Unity 5.+ Anti-Aliasing support (apart from color effects).+ Complete source code included.Our engineers understand that every bit of performance counts, especially on mobile platforms. That’s why we created FxPro and made sure that it runs faster than anything else without sacrificing quality.Mobile performance:35+ FPS on iPhone 5 at full native resolution with Bloom & Depth-of-Field enabled.Render time comparison. Tests were carried out on a low-end 4 year old Nvidia GPU (lower render time is better):Bloom Effect:* FxPro: 5.1ms* SE Natural Bloom: 11.2ms* GlareFX: 14.8ms* Unity Pro Bloom: 3.7msFxPro’s Bloom is x2.2 times faster than SE Natural Bloom, and x2.9 faster than GlareFX.Depth-of-Field:* Unity Scatter DOF (disk blur): 13ms* FxPro DOF with bokeh: 5.2ms* FxPro DOF without bokeh: 3.9msFxPro’s Depth-of-Field is 2.5x-3.3x times faster than Unity’s built-in solution.Please note that FxPro has been tested on higher-end mobile devices (iPhone 5 and higher) and is not guaranteed to work on older mobile devices.


FxPro: Bloom&DOF, Mobile-Ready v2.28 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download FxPro: Bloom&DOF, Mobile-Ready v2.28 for Free

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