Geom v2.3

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Download Geom v2.3 Unity Asset For Free
Geom uses a simple but surprisingly powerful method for creating new 2D and 3D meshes in Unity.Designed to make modeling geometric shapes as painless as possible. Ideal for creating custom shapes quickly, or with a bit more time, very professional models.New Features with version 2.0:- Unity 5 ready.- New 2D interface with 3 orthogonal views.- Now possible to move points in the Y axis.- Insert and Delete control points.- Unlimited grid sizes.- Undo/Redo feature.- Easily enter accurate point positions.- Save/Load program settings.- Save/Load frameworks to XML files.- Custom colors for 3D and 2D views.- Show/Hide 2D interface.- Change background image for tracing.- 15 new starting geometric shapes.- Numbered control points in 2D and 3D views.- Synchronized point movement across grids.- Automatic prefab creation.


Geom v2.3 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Geom v2.3 for Free

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