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38 game ready food pieces and sets.PBS materialsAll single props in collection have 3,284 polygons, 6,080 triangles, 3,257 vertexes.Sets:-5,331 polygons-9,263 triangles-4,826 vertexesProps and sets included:-Black_Bread_Set, Bread_Black, Bread_Black_Half, Bread_Black_Piece, Bread_Black_Quarters-Bread_White, Bread_White_Half, Bread_White_Piece, Bread_White_Set-Cake, Cake_Set-Cheese, Cheese_Piece_A, Cheese_Piece_B, Cheese_Set-Chicken_leg, Chicken_Legs_Set-Egg_Dark, Egg_quail, Egg_White, Eggs_Set-Fried_eggs, Fried_Eggs_Set-Ham, Ham_piece, Ham_Set-Honey-Milk_Pitcher-Pint-Plate_Ceramic_A, Plate_Ceramic_B, Plate_Ceramic_C-Sang, Sang_half, Sang_piece, Sang_Set-Sausage, Sausage_SetTextures are in TIF file format. (Diffuse, normals, opacity, and specular – all 2048×2048).There are no table and brick walls included in this package.


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