Goodrect Popup v1.0

Download Goodrect Popup v1.0 Free


Download Goodrect Popup v1.0 Unity Asset For Free
Goodrect Popup is a cross-platform, customizable popup system for:- Displaying alerts & information,- Asking multiple choice questions,- And retrieving information.Goodrect Popup gives you a variety of options to customize the behaviour and the style of each popup, such as a flexible button management system, an interactive styling interface, multiple ways to place the popup in the canvas or the world space and a preset saver & loader that let’s you create your custom style templates to reuse across your projects.The backbone of this asset is the manager system that keeps record of the popup settings, and instantiates them when necessary; either at runtime or via the manager component itself. This flexible system makes it possible to manipulate and create popups in a variety of ways that will make it very easy to interact with your users.The asset package comes with 55 presets that shows the capabilities of this tool, along with 336 ready to use popup manager prefab variations for you to import and use out of the box.


Goodrect Popup v1.0 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Goodrect Popup v1.0 for Free

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