HE – Ghost Town MegaPack v.1 v1.2

Download HE - Ghost Town MegaPack v.1 v1.2


Download HE – Ghost Town MegaPack v.1 v1.2 Unity Asset For Free
You will find here rocks and stones… and trees and plants, but who cares?! Get this huge package and learn how to build modular exteriors for current gen consoles and PCs!This package contains:- Over 170 prefabs (brushes, street lamps, propses, signboards etc.)- Brush-based houses, so you can create as many different and unique buildings as you want! Buildings visible on screenshots are created in Unity Editor.- Irregular objects are always with hand-crafted, optimized mesh colliders.- Textures from 1k to 4k.- Unity4.x: Three bonus shaders (example rim, optimized rim+spec, rim+spec+illumination).- Unity5.x: Full PBR support.- Unity5.x: SpeedTree foliage.- Windows and doors are prepared as interactive objectsInteriors are empty(see screenshots) – you will have to populate them with your own furniture or use my other packcages to fill them in.Keep in mind that in order to use full screen effects used in example scene (and visible at screenshots) you have to use Pro version of Unity.Unity 4.x notice: This system is designed for Deferred Shading and Umbra Occlusion. Use both to achieve proper performance.Unity 5.x notice: Use Deferred Shading with Linear Color Space to achive proper performance and rendering quality.


HE – Ghost Town MegaPack v.1 v1.2 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download HE – Ghost Town MegaPack v.1 v1.2 for Free

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