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Download Helios v1.0.9 Unity Asset For Free
With Helios enabled in your scene, you can automatically create beautiful high definition 3D video complete with audio, ready for upload to popular websites like YouTube, VRideo, Milk VR and Facebook.Helios was created with specially designed FAST shaders that will capture your scene and convert the output images to the proper Equirectangular projection required for most popular 3D/360 video platforms.F.A.QQ) Will Helios work with Timeline and Cinemachine?A) YES! The new version 1.2.5 adds support for directly working with Timeline and CinemachineQ) What is the best way to animate my camera movement?A) While there is built in support for recording session data in Helios, you will get much smoother and predictable movement data if you use Pegasus by Adam Goodrich. He and I worked together from the beginning to make these two assets very compatible with each other.Q) Can I use Helios in my game to let my players record?A)Helios is an editor only recording system, not intended for forward facing games, but rather for game developers to make high quality demo content.Q)How is Helios different than other 360 recorders?A)Short answer is: it offers much more than just 360 video support, see the complete list belowHelios will create videos compatible with:-Oculus Headsets-Gear VR Hadsets-HTC Vive Headsets-Google Cardboard based Headsets-Facebook 360 video viewers(Web, Mobile)-YouTube 360 video viewers(Web, Mobile)Helios will automatically create your output video and add the special spatial metadata required by most host websites and players.Here is a list of some features you get with Helios:-3D/360 Camera Rig-2D Camera Rig-SideScroll Camera Rig-Equrectangular Projection-Stereographic Projection (little planet)-Stereoscopic (stereo) output-Export Mpeg4-Export Transparent SkyNew Chroma Key based alpha masked export-Fade In / Fade Out support-Supports multiscen transitional recording-Supports Additive Scenes-Integrated Grain control to clear sky banding-Export High Quality Animated GIF-Realtime Audio recording-Support for Spatial Audio with DearVR-Record specified frames in a range-Enable Hotkey recording-Movement track recording-Record the movement and animation of any Object-Compatible with Pegasus-6 quality settings (up to 8K)-Automatically create videos-Automatically add 3D spatial Metadata-Supports Windows and OSX-Built in Antialiasing-IPD Options for Stereo-Remote Control Recording API-Full Source Code-Demo Scenes-JPEG or PNG Image formatting-New EXR file format for pro grade recording-New Hardware detection warnings-Multi-threading-Works in Forward and Deferred RenderingThough Helios is an Offline Rendering system which has a focus on High resolution and high frame rate, it does come with a session recording system that you can record camera movement data in normal speed which is played back at render time.


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