Download HOLO FX PACK v1.4 Free


Download HOLO FX PACK v1.4 Unity Asset For Free
RP Support : SRP / URP / HDRP A Big Pack of Hologram/Glitch FXs for your Sci-fi Games (Envirenment ,Gameplay, UI …etc)I will always add more features and Updates to this Package(more examples..more controles).Features:- Shader parameters exposed with a custom GUI.- 1 Geometry Models example to showcase the differents Materials (a Free Model by cvbtruong , source : https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-young-boy-head-3d-model/671307).- 10 Included high quality Fx Materials using the Lite version of the Shader.- 7 Included high quality Fx Materials using the Advanced version of the Shader (More controls than the Lite Version).- Really Awesome and Clean Holograms / Glitch looks.- Good Performance.- Endless Possibilities.- Periodic Updates & added features.Textures and materials for each example are included.Feel free to modify the parameters on each example to have a new nice look or behavior.Tips :Play with the G/H Noise Details Parametere to have more or less noisy Holo/Glitch :).In the Advanced version of the Shader , playing with the Cut Level Parametere will give some interesting deintegration effect.In the Advanced version of the Shader , Play with Origine X/Y Parametere to define the direction of the waves.Notice :obviously when you apply the Material to you Geometry , the result will depend on your Geometry’s poly number and UVs (you can check the UVs on the Example Geometry included).


HOLO FX PACK v1.4 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download HOLO FX PACK v1.4 for Free

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