Honey Hex Framework v1.5.2

Download Honey Hex Framework v1.5.2 Free


Download Honey Hex Framework v1.5.2 Unity Asset For Free
Honey is a framework that allows you to generate hex grid maps with nicely blended terrain. It includes foliage, water, river and roads systems and is a great base for tactical and turn based strategy games. The framework is under development and updates with new features are planned.- great performance, even on very big maps,- full source code in C# with comments,- loading/saving maps,- DX11 map markers,- Fog of War,- pathfinding system, powered by A* Pathfinding Project – free version (included),- set of sample terrain and foliage assets,- procedural shadow casting, no lights involved,- useful hex data (world floating point height, neighbours, mouse click position, terrain tags, etc.),- quick start instructions and tips,- uses render to texture and deferred rendering functionalities – will work on Unity 5 Personal! (yes, the Free version).Please note:Honey was designed purely for DirectX 11 on PC – Windows. It does run on DirectX 9 and Android OpenGL using alternative rendering mode – we were able to run it smoothly on Google Nexus 7 with Camera.render using only 4.5ms according to Unity profiler. However, if you want to use it on anything else than our target platform, you do so at your own risk.


Honey Hex Framework v1.5.2 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Honey Hex Framework v1.5.2 for Free

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