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Download HQ Apocalyptic Environment Unity Asset For Free
HQ Apocalyptic Environment pack includes super realistic 3d models ready to use in Unity 5.It has 35 objects with 2k and 4k textures (albedo, specular and normal maps).You can use this pack in your post apocalypse game or in another urban environment. All objects are weathered and can bring unique atmosphere in your project.Models:2 types of playground stairs (NEW), playground labyrinth (NEW), swing (NEW), 2 types of window for broken building (NEW), 2 types of modular pavement (NEW), 4 types of statue (NEW), 2 types of concrete fence, 2 types of column, 3 types of stones, 2 concrete blocks (NEW), metal trash can, molding stand, 3 types of tree stump, sewer, sandbox, tire, ventilation building, debris, broken building, and more.


HQ Apocalyptic Environment Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download HQ Apocalyptic Environment for Free

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