Hyperbit Arsenal v1.2

Download Hyperbit Arsenal v1.2 Free


Download Hyperbit Arsenal v1.2 Unity Asset For Free
Hyperbit Arsenal is a bundle of 275 stylized FX. This includes missiles, explosions, muzzleflashes, shields and several other particle effects.Features:- All FX are made in 5 colors- 20 Effect Types (Projectiles excluded)- 11 Projectile Types- 135 Projectile / Explosion prefabs- 21 Sound FX- 5 Charge FX- 5 Fire FX- 5 Flamethrower FX- 5 FloorZone FX- 5 HexagonBlast FX- 35 Muzzleflash FX- 10 Pickup FX- 10 Pickup Explosion FX- 5 Portal FX- 5 PowerRing FX- 10 Powerup Box FX- 5 Regenerate FX- 15 Shield FX- 5 Spawn FX- 5 Warp FX- 2 Bonus Distortion Shockwave FX- 31 Textures (256×256 to 1024×1024)- Interactive demo project


Hyperbit Arsenal v1.2 Is a paid Unity Asset , But now you can download Hyperbit Arsenal v1.2 for Free

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